Meta Releases Campaign To Support Small Business Shopping

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Meta is starting a campaign to encourage users to support little to medium-sized companies (SMBs) during the vacation shopping season.

Today, Meta is revealing:

  • A continuation of its #BuyBlack Friday initiative.
  • A 2022 vacation gift guide including service from the Meta Service Leaders Network.
  • A 2022 SMB holiday marketing guide.

#BuyBlack Friday Effort

Meta continues its #BuyBlack Friday campaign for the third year, consisting of complimentary resources, education, and training for black-owned SMBs.

Today, Black company owner can visit the revitalized #BuyBlack Friday website to schedule and get individually marketing assistance.

Furthermore, the website highlights a number of Black-Owned SMBs and individual tips/guidance on how they’ve found success utilizing Meta business tools.

Meta underscores the significance of the holiday shopping season for minority-owned organizations:

“For minority-owned services already disproportionately affected by the pandemic, the importance of the holiday season is even more acute– 25% of U.S. minority-owned services anticipate to make more than half their annual revenue from October-November, and this is highest for Black-owned services at 34%.”

Holiday Present Guide

Meta’s yearly vacation gift guide entitled the “2022 Smalliday Display,” highlights a series of companies from the Meta Service Leaders Network (MLBN).

Customers can go shopping straight from the guide to receive special promos and discount rates.

Meta’s vacation gift guide is launching on November 21.

SMB Vacation Marketing Guide

Meta is introducing an updated holiday marketing guide for SMBs with guidance and tips on utilizing the business’s free tools to make the most of sales over the holiday season.

Key areas in the guide include:

  • How to power advertisements with Efficiency 5: Find out how to make advertisements more impactful, drive more sales, and broaden your consumer base.
  • Update your material and service details: Discover how to develop a distinct look for your vacation marketing project and keep it consistent all season.
  • General holiday marketing pointers: Find out how to position product and services as presents by utilizing various personas in posts and ads.

Meta’s holiday marketing guide and BuyBlack Friday website are readily available now. The holiday present guide will be offered next week.

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